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2020 New Fashion Wedding Dresses Suitable for Fat Women

When I first saw the Spring / Summer 2020 bridal collection, my mood was very complicated. First of all, envy. I remember when I was married, I did n’t even notice the fashion trend of wedding gowns, so I did n’t even wear those fashionable wedding gowns. Then it was comforting. What I encountered made me soberly aware that I want to tell you more clearly what the wedding can pursue.

The second mood is why I recommend you to read this article. Your wedding dress can definitely take care of both fashion and thinness. I took a look at the spring and summer 2020 wedding dresses and wanted to like the design crazy! Designers present a variety of trends in the design of wedding dresses, and these ingenuity can just meet the pain points of slim brides who want to be thin.

1. Trend: Classic Sleeve

Where is the easiest place for girls to get fat? Except the legs are the arms! The long wedding skirt can cover the fleshy legs, but the fleshy arms, in addition to reducing the meat, can only work on the sleeves of the wedding dress. In the spring and summer 2020 wedding dress design, major brands have opened their minds in sleeve design. Fancy-skinned sleeves such as lamb leg sleeves, bubble sleeves, and lantern sleeves have become designers’ favorite. Such as Adam Zohar, Alon Livne White, Monique Lhuillier’s classical court sleeves, each exudes a warm, retro atmosphere.

Alon Livne White

The puff sleeves of Anne Barge and Victoria Kyriakides contrast strongly with the style of the wedding dress, and the design is full of sense.

Anne Barge

Looking at the leg sleeves of Francesca Miranda and Monique Lhuillier, the slightly exaggerated shape also has an incredible beauty.

Monique Lhuillier

These retro-inspired sleeves add a touch of classicism to the design of the wedding dress, perfectly interpreting the design diversity of the wedding dress cover.

2, the trend: minimalist design

In the past, brides should wear princess style, large skirts, and more decorative wedding dresses, and minimalist styles with simplicity, little decoration or no decoration are also very popular. In the Spring / Summer 2020 bridal collection, designers provide more reference styles for minimalist lovers. The dresses are simple and simple, and there are some embroidered flowers on the skirts, which are full of romantic meaning, which is very suitable for large-scale weddings.

Carolina Herrera

Based on the simple silhouette design, there are no huge skirts and extra long skirts. It looks relaxed and natural, and is suitable for a rural wedding theme.


Pure white minimalist design with childlike flower embellishment, or polka dot white gauze can help brides to unlock “the wedding dress that everyone loves”.

Lela Rose

On the whole, minimalist wedding dresses use satin as the main material, combined with simple lines, supplemented by slits, folds and other design forms, presenting a simple but not simple tone.

Tadashi Shoji

3, the trend: three-dimensional, volume

Seeing the sense of volume of the dress, Xiaoxi immediately thought of the closing ceremony of the Beijing International Film Festival the day before yesterday. The red carpet shape of Guan Xiaotong’s nude and floor skirts became hotly searched. The stitching of folds and nude skirts created a sense of volume Pure without losing the atmosphere.

In the spring and summer 2020 wedding series, this three-dimensional trend of volume sense of the wedding dress is also presented. Unlike the volume sense that the fluffy skirt needs to be supported by the skirt, the new trend of wedding dresses does not rely on skirt support, but instead is tailored and shaped. effort.

Oscar de la Renta

Such as the huge bow on the back of the dress, the layered lotus leaf decoration, the simple layout design with a bit of sweetness, especially suitable for “girls above, ladies not yet” prospective brides.

Isabelle Armstrong

The three-dimensional and non-heavy tulle stacking design highlights the curvy beauty of women from the elevation.

Zuhair Murad
Carolina Herrera

4, the trend: feathers

At the wedding decoration level, in addition to the most commonly used decorative designs such as broken diamonds, embroidery, lace, ruffles, feathers are also more common in the design of the spring and summer 2020 wedding series. The long tail skirt made from multiple feathers is not only gorgeous and heavy, but also imposing, and it also reveals a furry cuteness and lightness.

Left:Zuhair Murad Right:Jenny Packham

For example, Gustavo Cadile, Jenny Packham, Oscar de la Renta, Zuhair Murad, Naeem Khan and other brand designs have used feathers as decoration.

Oscar de la Renta

It is worth mentioning that feathers are also a common decorative element in autumn and winter 2019 wedding design trends.

Fall / Winter 2019 Wedding Dresses

5. Fashion Trend: Short Dress

In the spring and summer 2020 wedding dress series, short dresses are also more prominent designs. Tadashi Shoji, Viktor & Rolf, Reem Acra, Oscar de la Renta, Naeem Khan, Vjenny Packham and other brands have no shortage of small dresses. They are presented with a length of about 15 cm above the knee, which is lighter and smarter than lively wedding dresses.

Reem Acra

Short dresses can also be combined with other popular designs such as feathers such as pleated stitching. Combining the elegant and natural nature of the two, it can be gentle and elegant, or lively and agile, and get rid of puppets like a young girl.

Oscar de la Renta
Jenny Packham

6. Trend: Pants

Trousers have appeared frequently in wedding dress designs in recent seasons, and are no exception in the spring and summer 2020 wedding collections. In the material of trousers and wedding dresses, the designer has just combined the feminine and trousers with the British spirit, such as lace trousers, jumpsuits, trousers, wide-leg pants, and pants with yarn and bows.

Left:Whistles Right:Carolina Herrera
Left:Suzanne Neville Right:Oscar de la Renta

In addition to traditional white, it is also applied to black pants and white tops.

Viktor & Rolf

The design of trousers gives the bride a lighter, independent dressing experience, personality and uniqueness.

Reem Acra

7, the trend: Caisha

The wedding dress in the impression is always pure white, ivory white, milky white and other white series, but the color wedding dress also unknowingly occupies a proportion. Vera Wang is undoubtedly the representative of the color department. In the past few quarters and even this season, the color wedding dresses were mainly used. Champagne, spring green and light pink are more common in the Vera Wang wedding series.

Vera Wang

These fresh spring and summer colors give people a refreshing feeling. Tulle is also the main material of Vera Wang’s wedding dress. The huge handmade pleated flowers on the shoulders match the colorful wedding dress. At the same time, a lot of handmade details are combined to create an extraordinary hazy beauty.

Vera Wang
Vera Wang

After watching the spring and summer 2020 wedding dresses, do you find one thing in common? Almost all brands and major brands are pushing almost uniform dress-type wedding dresses. Little Rhino has an immature little conjecture. Perhaps the big skirt may slowly become the past … Oh yes, if you like it For a certain wedding dress, the brand name is under the wedding dress picture ~ If you have a budget, you can also find your Mr. Right according to the trend of these brand wedding dresses.

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