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Selection of beautiful wedding bouquets

Unconsciously until 2020, and this wave of people in the post-90s is chasing time nonstop, busy in love, busy in marriage, busy in having children, and gradually changing the focus of life from work to family, and every year December, January, and February are also crazy and romantic wedding seasons, so are you planning to get ready for the wedding bouquet? If you haven't already, you can go ahead and see. Ancient Westerners believed that strong-smelling spices and herbs (including garlic and chives) could protect people at weddings from doom and disease. On the wedding day, the groom delivers the flowers to the bride. Correct grip: The little finger is on the same side as the thumb, and the flower is

Top Ten International Top Custom Wedding Dress Brands

When it comes to haute couture for wedding dresses, you may think of VERA WANG first. In fact, in addition to this legendary designer Wang Weiwei’s wedding dress brand, there are many top brands in the world that may not be familiar to Chinese people. They all have their own unique design concepts and a large group of outstanding designers They are high-end, high-end, tasteful and innovative high-definition wedding dresses. 1.Alessandra Rinaudo One of the three major European brands, wedding dresses pay more attention to the details. The designer's handling of the details continues the simple style of the overall shape, with more emphasis on the design of the shoulders, neckline and waistline. Hollow, embroidery, flowers and other elements are widely used. 2.Rosa

Carefully set up for the perfect wedding

When modern weddings start to become ever-changing, polymorphic and themed weddings are endless, and how long have we never seen a pure white wedding, everything looks so pure, as if this is the original look of the wedding ~ Wearing a white wedding gown, the groom's corsage is also white, and the holy wedding scene layout, symbolizing the purity and beauty of love! Yes, white is the eternal color version of the wedding. No one can shake its status in the wedding, and no one will refuse it will appear in their wedding. Now, let ’s take a look at the high-level white on the wedding. , And give the wedding a beautiful look at first! A simple white invitation card

Fashion trend for spring and summer 2020 wedding dresses

For many prospective brides, the process of choosing a wedding dress is both enjoyable and tangled, and the white veil can never seem to be enough! For a wedding, in addition to the wedding itself being memorable, the wedding dress that the bride wore that day is a gift worth cherishing forever; if you happen to be looking for a wedding dress of your dreams, come together Look at the 2019 spring and summer wedding fashion trends! The fashion circle is unpredictable, and many people think that the trend of wedding dresses will also change with the season. However, while spring and summer 2019 wedding dresses seem to embrace classic elements again, beyond the romance of past lace and tulle, try

Exquisite lace wedding dress, elegance that can never be resisted

Speaking of the element of lace, I believe no girl can resist its charm. For a long time, lace has an unshakable status in the fashion industry, as well as in the wedding industry! For hundreds of years, lace is a classic that is not retreating, but also the best representative element of romance and charm. Whether it is a noble retro wedding dress or a sexy and glamour wedding dress, you can use the lace element to perfectly create a unique style of wedding dress; On the other hand, it is also synonymous with "elegance" in wedding dress design. If you are a fashionable bride who pursues classic temperament, then a wedding dress with lace as the main element

2020 New Fashion Wedding Dresses Suitable for Fat Women

When I first saw the Spring / Summer 2020 bridal collection, my mood was very complicated. First of all, envy. I remember when I was married, I did n’t even notice the fashion trend of wedding gowns, so I did n’t even wear those fashionable wedding gowns. Then it was comforting. What I encountered made me soberly aware that I want to tell you more clearly what the wedding can pursue. The second mood is why I recommend you to read this article. Your wedding dress can definitely take care of both fashion and thinness. I took a look at the spring and summer 2020 wedding dresses and wanted to like the design crazy! Designers present a variety of trends in