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Selection of beautiful wedding bouquets

Unconsciously until 2020, and this wave of people in the post-90s is chasing time nonstop, busy in love, busy in marriage, busy in having children, and gradually changing the focus of life from work to family, and every year December, January, and February are also crazy and romantic wedding seasons, so are you planning to get ready for the wedding bouquet? If you haven't already, you can go ahead and see. Ancient Westerners believed that strong-smelling spices and herbs (including garlic and chives) could protect people at weddings from doom and disease. On the wedding day, the groom delivers the flowers to the bride. Correct grip: The little finger is on the same side as the thumb, and the flower is

Carefully set up for the perfect wedding

When modern weddings start to become ever-changing, polymorphic and themed weddings are endless, and how long have we never seen a pure white wedding, everything looks so pure, as if this is the original look of the wedding ~ Wearing a white wedding gown, the groom's corsage is also white, and the holy wedding scene layout, symbolizing the purity and beauty of love! Yes, white is the eternal color version of the wedding. No one can shake its status in the wedding, and no one will refuse it will appear in their wedding. Now, let ’s take a look at the high-level white on the wedding. , And give the wedding a beautiful look at first! A simple white invitation card