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Top Ten International Top Custom Wedding Dress Brands

When it comes to haute couture for wedding dresses, you may think of VERA WANG first. In fact, in addition to this legendary designer Wang Weiwei’s wedding dress brand, there are many top brands in the world that may not be familiar to Chinese people. They all have their own unique design concepts and a large group of outstanding designers They are high-end, high-end, tasteful and innovative high-definition wedding dresses. 1.Alessandra Rinaudo One of the three major European brands, wedding dresses pay more attention to the details. The designer's handling of the details continues the simple style of the overall shape, with more emphasis on the design of the shoulders, neckline and waistline. Hollow, embroidery, flowers and other elements are widely used. 2.Rosa

Exquisite lace wedding dress, elegance that can never be resisted

Speaking of the element of lace, I believe no girl can resist its charm. For a long time, lace has an unshakable status in the fashion industry, as well as in the wedding industry! For hundreds of years, lace is a classic that is not retreating, but also the best representative element of romance and charm. Whether it is a noble retro wedding dress or a sexy and glamour wedding dress, you can use the lace element to perfectly create a unique style of wedding dress; On the other hand, it is also synonymous with "elegance" in wedding dress design. If you are a fashionable bride who pursues classic temperament, then a wedding dress with lace as the main element