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Selection of beautiful wedding bouquets

Unconsciously until 2020, and this wave of people in the post-90s is chasing time nonstop, busy in love, busy in marriage, busy in having children, and gradually changing the focus of life from work to family, and every year December, January, and February are also crazy and romantic wedding seasons, so are you planning to get ready for the wedding bouquet? If you haven’t already, you can go ahead and see.

Ancient Westerners believed that strong-smelling spices and herbs (including garlic and chives) could protect people at weddings from doom and disease. On the wedding day, the groom delivers the flowers to the bride. Correct grip: The little finger is on the same side as the thumb, and the flower is completely clamped. Holding the flower in one hand: The bride stands on the left side of the groom during the marriage. If you hold the flower in one hand, you should hold the flower with your left hand.

Implied color

The bride’s bouquets carry the happiness and good love of the new couple. The meanings of different colors of bouquets are different. Looking at the meaning of each color will help you better choose the bride’s bouquet.


Needless to say, white is the most classic color in weddings, representing pure and sweet, suitable for pure, sweet and lovely brides.


Pink is the favorite romantic color of the young girls, revealing the tenderness and shame of the young girls, symbolizing that the bride holding this bouquet of flowers is as beautiful as pearls.


Purple is a mysterious and rich color. It has a feeling of “purple gas comes to the east”. Just looking at the purple hand holds you can know that a romantic and extreme wedding is about to be held.


It is suitable for traditional Chinese weddings. In traditional weddings that are mainly festive and auspicious, this passionate color can perfectly show the happiness and sweetness of the bride.


Blue stands for calm, reason, courage and never give up. Suitable for summer beach weddings.

Hand holding flower selection

Fresh flowers

When selecting hand-held flowers, you must fully consider safety issues, such as whether the bride is sensitive to pollen, and the irritation of the cut juice of some plants to the skin. Pay particular attention to the color of certain plants on clothes and different flowers. Different flower language

Eternal flower

Don’t let the beauty of holding flowers fade away, let it live forever. Boys and girls in Europe love each other, they will keep a handful of roses, or they will make an eternal flower that never fades, and pray that they will be as happy and lucky as they are, forever. Making a bouquet of flowers into an eternal flower can make the bouquet bloom for three to five years.

Dried flower

As the saying goes, incompleteness is perfect, happiness comes from pain, imperfection is perfect. Rather than saying that dried flowers have made the flowers perfect, it is better to say that the laws of nature have created the value of dried flowers. Dried flowers holding flowers will surprise you with dead trees!

The dried flowers used in the bouquets are mostly pine cones, reeds, kapok fruits, ears of rice, etc. The colors are old and suitable for vintage rural weddings.

succulent plants

The fleshy theme bouquet naturally has no need to say more about its visual effects. Unlike traditional bouquets, the fleshy life can continue when other cut flowers inevitably die out, just like love, and it is always in the preservation period.

More suitable for grooms and brides who are allergic to pollen, suitable for weddings in the Mori Department.